• Joanne Peck

Drag Queen Lessons during COVID-19

What Drag Queens have taught me during COVID-19

Like many, I find myself spending more hours watching Netflix during this highly unusual time and after exhausting all of my usual “go-to’s”, I decided to explore a little deeper into the menu for something new to consume. (That is really the only word for it)

Arriving late to the party, I discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race and in a moment (that has held me for almost 12 seasons and a couple of spin offs) of unbridled escapism I decidedly hit “play”. After my initial awe at how incredibly talented Drag Queens are...(they excel as actors, comedians, singers, dancers, fashion designers, seamstresses, pageant queens, runway models, and make-up artists)…I realized that more than anything, they are masters over their thinking. Not only do they regularly and repeatedly have to overcome the social constraints and judgements imposed upon them by others, but in order to excel in so many talents and to live so bravely flaunting societal norms, they must master and overcome their own “inner saboteurs”, a term RuPaul uses often in the series.

How on earth does this relate to COVID-19?

Having impacted every facet of our lives, COVID-19 has challenged every “norm” and created tremendous uncertainty and as a result left so many of us feeling ill equipped – financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally - to respond to this unprecedented event.

While it is difficult enough to be facing these external challenges, our inner saboteurs may be adding to this uncertainty by keeping us focused on the negative, fearing the worst, judging us and comparing us to how we think others are coping, and by telling us we are not enough. In essence, robbing us of our personal power.

To live bravely in this new world, we need to follow the path of the Drag Queen and become masters of our thinking by overcoming our inner saboteurs and celebrating our personal power. We are enough, and we have what we need to respond to, adapt to, and eventually thrive in this new reality.

In our coaching practice we support and challenge our clients to challenge their thinking and we would Behape to support you in developing strategies to re-discovering and celebrating your personal power!

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