Your success begins with us.

Your happiness begins with you.





Based on the foundation and guiding principles of professional coaching and the International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics, Behape works to build a powerful partnership inspiring clients to realize what is possible while holding them accountable to their commitments for the necessary transformation.  

Behape grew from Satori Coaching, which was founded in 2011.  Our offerings are the result of experience rooted in the corporate world, the private sector, and grass-roots entrepreneurism but most important – a belief in people.


In working with you, we want you to grow your vision so that it becomes a deep and lasting nature of your existence. Living your life on purpose nurtures and grows your inner smile so that you may find your truth - your peace - your happiness.

meet behape

Behape is a light-hearted, yet important word.  It sounds like "be happy".  It's what we all want.  No one can give it to us, because it's an inside-job. 


As our former company, Satori Coaching Inc. grew, Behape reflects the coming together of HAmilton and PEck.   Our styles are founded in the coaching profession as outlined by our professional association the International Coach Federation but our processes are uniquely rooted in our experiences and ultimately our personal and professional desires to "be happy".


As a professionally trained coach, Madelyn works with people to uncover what they want for themselves or their businesses. With a unique ability to see connections, Madelyn draws upon her extensive media and management background to cut through the clutter.

She is a national award-winning broadcaster who has individual and group-led accolades.  

Known for her direct communication, sense of humour, and love of life -

Madelyn brings passion and drive to all that she does.


Joanne Peck brings over twenty years experience working with a wide array of business professionals from the corporate, entrepreneurial, and not-for-profit worlds.  She has served in many industries, including media broadcast, hospitality and tourism, legal, food services, and the marine industry. Her finance background and years of leadership experience as a Certified General Accountant and Finance Manager have allowed her to interact with organizations on all levels, and Joanne has spent much of her career coaching senior managers and executives.  




The Behape coaching process and tools support clients as they gain increased clarity and focus on themselves, the world around them, and the decisions they make.  Specializing in business and executive coaching, we tailor our approach based on client requirements.





At Behape we offer a wide variety of both standardized and customized programs delivered either in the workplace or off-site. Experienced in training, facilitation and group coaching, we work with our clients to ensure relevant and effective programming.





Engaging employees is becoming a key competitive differentiator in business. Churn has high business costs, and studies show that an engaged workforce increases retention and drives profitability. We customize surveys to maximize the benefits of your investment.



Imagine: A Mentor, Coach and Motivator with the sensitivity, spirituality and narrative skills of Maya Angelou; the humour outrageousness, stage presence and “Canadiana” of Mary Walsh; the unconditional love, trust and respect for all people of Sound of Music’s “Maria"; your Mom’s instinct - do you need a good hug, or a “swift kick in the arse” to get going?

Meet my friend, Madelyn Hamilton from Buchans, Newfoundland.


“LIFE”  just became more interesting for you!

Barry Smith, Broadcast Manager, Personality, London, Ontario

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